Yoga in the morning is the most invigorating and an experience filled with enlightenment. If made into a habit you follow daily, you may notice many visible changes.

Many people with anxiety or issues with eating healthy can benefit from

the healing properties of practicing yoga.

There are studies that show increased flexibility can help eliminate specific body pain as well.

Which means if you have any sort of chronic pain, or if you are trying to recondition your muscles,

regular stretching may ease your stress due to work or any other issues.

We do not know when tragedy may strike us which is why we must first understand how yoga can help transform our lives.

5 Reasons why you should practice morning yoga

Intellectual Clarity

Have you ever seen an ocean on a windy day? The busy, angry waves ensure that the ocean floor is not visible even near the shore.

The same applies to our mind as when it is busy with turbulent or angry thoughts, it stops us from thinking clearly and making rational decisions. Our path of thinking can become so destructive that it hinders our ability to work and function in an efficient manner.

If you are mentally exhausted, you may face trouble in your work life as you try to keep up with everything, and every one and you may face burnout as you are overwhelmed all the time.

Burnout is when you exhaust your mind and body so much that they both end up shutting down.

Practicing yoga in the morning can create a certain kind of calmness in your mind which is a gateway to happiness. Just 20 minutes of stretching and practicing proper breathing exercises as you move can help target your anxiety and depression.

Better Mood

Many times, a lot of us get angry or snap when it is absolutely unnecessary which might have later left one thinking why they ever snapped in the first place? It is because when we enter this ‘mode’ or become easily irritable, it is a sign of an imbalanced emotional state of mind. Which lands you in a self-sabotage mode where without realizing it, or with realizing the feeling that things may not get done in time, you lose your head.

our current state of mind and our mood reflect how healthy we are emotionally and how we may process life issues and its mysteries. Morning yoga is an amazing way to strengthen your emotional health as it gives your mood the needed boost.

Instead of being on an emotional rollercoaster, you may choose to do yoga and get off the chaotic mood. As your mood is like an ocean current, still and steady. That is what it is like to follow a daily yoga regime as it will make you feel like your mind is floating on water.

Remove cravings for unhealthy food

You may face sugar cravings from any time from 2 pm to 4pm and you may not even realize when they have sneaked up on you. But what you are actually feeling is fatigue or a sudden dip in your alert levels which happens when you do not get adequate sleep.

But, doing yoga poses which involve you to lie down with your legs stretched alongside a wall or raising your arms up while sitting on the floor, it may help you to eliminate those cravings.

Better sleep life

Doing yoga in the morning can help you to develop a routine which in turn can help you to follow up on a healthier sleep life.

Balance may mean different to everyone but if yoga is followed in the morning, it may enhance your sleep and aid in regular brain activity.

As during the night, our brain produces melatonin and if you do not allow your brain the adequate time it needs to prepare for sleep, it will ruin your sleep cycle and even mess up your circadian rhythms.

Maintain your endurance and stamina all day

While some people are alert during the mornings, others are only alert during the night.

Yoga will help you to sustain your stamina and endurance all throughout the day and maintain it till the evening.

If you suffer from chronic fatigue, yoga will rescue you as it will allow you to work for hours on an end and keep your focus on important tasks. Without giving you spurts of weakness in the middle of the day.

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