Yoga can be practiced with all your pets around you. And if you haven’t tried it yet, you must! We’d be writing more about Cat Yoga and Dog Yoga also known as Doga . Several people see yoga with pets as a new and fun way to form a deep bond. If you are someone who does yoga for the peace of it know that yoga with pets is a boon.

If you are passionate about animals and love yoga as well, this seems like the next step. Grab on to the opportunity to combine your two favorites and have some fun.

Why should you do Yoga with your furry baby?

If you have spent even a little time around animals, it is most likely that you will notice their need may stretch and their fluidity of the movements throughout their day. Dogs and cats know how to move their bodies and use their instincts to do so. They move their body with grace and confidence to a point where the move becomes muscle memory. That is what a lot of yogis and yoginis all over the world aspire to achieve.

The major aspect of practicing yoga is showing awareness through breathing and through various postures. We all know for a fact that animals seem to show an understanding of being in the moment. If you have a dog or a cat, you’d know what I mean. Which is why, doggos & cattos make great applicants for a yoga class.

Doga & Catyoga

If you try Doga, it is expected of your dog to experience relaxation, physical strength, and harmony. There are also several other benefits that your dog can discover from a traditional yoga class. These factors also depend on the skills, personality, and energy levels of your dog. It may also take some time in order to familiarize your pooch with doga. But do not fear as there are several participants that rave about the positive effects of doga on their lives. Which include increased patience, better control over impulses, and even help owners feel a deeper connection with their dogs.

However, yoga for cats or catyoga is very different from doga in a very obvious manner. As it is expected of cats to not be any sort of supportive partners. Well, apart from their beauty, presence, and poise. And because of their ethereal nature, there are no two cat yoga classes that are alike. As some cats may roam around freely or some cats may just lay on their owners’ chests during the savasana. Several cats even opt to just observe their owners while being perched on a vantage point.

Cat yoga is also used as a way to spread more awareness about homeless cats. There are several cases where the feline participants of the class are available for adoption. This gives them the visibility to find a forever home.

Yoga with Goats

What you may not expect to read here is that you can also do yoga with goats. It is a very delightful way to experience goats and is also therapeutic in several ways.

In this, several participants join a huge group of goats in an outdoor space. The goats have immense fun investigating and frolicking around. Some of them even climb on top of the students of the class.

This experience may not be for everyone, but it is also garnering a lot of popularity recently.

It is highly recommended that you do yoga under expert guidance. And there is no other way than to learn from the best.

Learn Yoga and become a Certified Yoga Instructor

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