Yoga is considered to be a very popular and safe form of exercise. Several people think of it as an amazing way to get rid of stress. At the same time, it is known to reduce back pain. Asanas or yoga poses make you stretch and strenghten the muscles of your back. As a result, your spine remains healthy.

One can become a registered yoga teacher who can also help individuals reduce their back problems. Rishikesh Yoga International is one of the best yoga school’s in Uttarakhand. It’s ideal for anyone who practices Yoga and is looking forward to pursue it as a career option as well.

It is recommended that you try yoga under expert guidance.

Yoga Asanas that relieve back pain

Even the most simple asanas listed below can help you relieve the pain in your back. But these poses and the amount of times you do them also matters. You should consult your doctor before you decide to incorporate yoga into your routine.

Cat/Cow StretchExtended triangle
‍Sit and twistDown ward facing dog
Pigeon poseLocust
Baby cobraLeg extension
Legs up the wallForward bent

If you are someone that faces a lot of back pain, it is important that you stretch. For instance , if you stretch the muscles of your hamstrings which are located on the back of your thigh, it expands the motion in the pelvis and decreases stress across the lower back.

Stretching also increases the flow of blood which allow the toxins to flow out and the nutrients to flow in. In addition to that, it also provides nourishment to the muscles and the soft tissues of the lower back.

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Yoga helps with aligning your body. The poses are meant to train your body to be healthy and supple. If one practices it consistently, they will be met with an improved posture and a sense of balance.

And unlike other exercises, yoga helps to stretch and stregthen the body equally on both sides. As a result, the natural curvature of your spine is mantained, In conclusion, it helps to avoid or reduce the pain in your lower back.

Always remember to take it slow, every body has its own rhythm. Stop immediately if your pain gets worse and consult your doctor. Read more about 9 Ayurvedic home remedies to beat fever.

Yoga dealing with chronic pain

Asanas can help build your strength and flexibility. This can ultimately help to alleviate the pain in your back. There was a study made on the effect that yoga has on our back. According to that, patients suffering from chronic back pain experienced better results. That was just after doing yoga for an hour and a half every week for 16 weeks.

You should keep in mind that a little bit of soreness is expected after yoga. And that will also go away in a few days.

But you should never experience any numbness or tingling. Call a doctor immediately if you feel any of it.

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