Simple and common ailments like cold and indigestion do not require medical attention. However, people who suffer from these ailments do need to find relief.

This is why you should grow the following herbs at home so that they are available when you need them for instant relief.


This plant has many health benefits and is known to help with cough as well as cold. This plant has many antibacterial properties.

If you add a few leaves of this plant to boiled water, it will yield you a very soothing tea. even the juice from the crushed leaves of this plant can be applied to several areas of the skin that has developed any sort of rash or irritation.


This plant is extremely easy to be grown in pots. A way to utilize it’s benefits is by washing the rhizome and then grating it. After which, you should steep it in hot water and turn it into soothing tea.

This is the most helpful tea to deal with indigestion as well as flatulence. This can be made with tulsi and honey as to get relief against cough and cold.


Cilantro is commonly known as coriander or Dhaniya and it is extremely easy to source the seeds for the same.

Just like the seeds, even the leaves of this herb are known to posess many health benefits. as a result, they help avoid flatulence and indigestion.

Cilantro can also be used a garnish or in chutneys.

Curry leaves

The curry tree is very popular in India and most commonly used in south Indian dishes. Not only do the leaves boast of flavor but, they also have great digestive properties.

Curry leaves help with weight loss and also promotes skincare and overall well being.

Just steep the leaves in hot water, strain and drink the tea to make the most of it.


Mint is commonly known as Pudina in India. This herb is considered to be an invasive species and hence one of the easiest to grow. The leaves of this herb as used in chutneys and salads.

The menthol in this plant is known to activate the digestive enzymes and help in relaxing muscles.

You can add a few mint leaves to boiling water and inahle its vapours. as a result, you may feel some relief against nasal congestion. Or, you may also add the same to tea.

You can very easily propagate mint from the bunch that you buy from your local market. Simply cut the strongest stems from the bottom into a 3-4 inches stalks with 3-4 leaves on top. Place it in a jar of tap water for a couple of days and you will soon see roots developing. Move to the soil as per your convenience.

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