If you really think you need to get off the plane in order to get a good stretch, we have news for you. As crazy as it may sound, it is very much possible to practice yoga from the discomfort of the seat of your airplane.

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As any good yogi knows that it is primed to stay focused in conditions that are less likely than ideal. Like the packed yoga class, you once had to attend where everyone was mat to mat. Yet, you found the focus you need to practice. Or the time when you were in a very deep twist and yet found a way to breathe. Yoga is very helpful in teaching us to find inner space which is regardless of what the outer conditions are. The more inward your focus is, the more expansive one feels.

While we may not be able to do a handstand or stretch completely in an airplane seat, we can stretch our minds. It will help us find the space that we seek within us.

5 Poses That You Can Practice In A Cramped Airplane Seat

1.      Batilasana

A variation to the cat-cow.

The best way to find space is to breathe. And when you add more movement to your breath, it is extremely calming for your nervous system. When confronted by stress, our body knows to either fight or to flee. All that it means is that the body needs to move. This is very challenging when you are stuck in an airplane seat. The seated variation to the cat-cow pose helps open your spine and your shoulders. It also helps you to breathe which calms your response to stress.

2.      Variation, Seated Twist

If you sit for a long time without moving, your spine gets compressed. Twists are the antidote your compressed spine needs. They help to create space in your spine by helping send fresh blood between the vertebrae to the discs.

3.      Garudasana Or the Eagle Pose, Variation

We are asked to remain in our seats during our flight. But that doesn’t mean you keep yourself constricted. Doing a seat variation of the eagle pose helps to stretch your outer hips and even your upper back.

4.      Lateral Stretch and Neck Rolls

Stiffness is caused by not just sitting in a seat, but also by lugging your heavy bags around. Even if you check in most of your luggage, carry-on bags pull on your shoulders. This can cause a tight upper back and neck. Which is why you must do a few stretches.

5.      Half Lotus, Variation

Nothing prompts tight hips like prolonged sitting. A sitting variation of the lotus pose helps the outer hips and glutes. As they are the most affected part and they get tight and weak if you sit in one position for long periods of time. 

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